“Protect the Children” Mask/Helmet.

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This piece is called “Protect the Children” and is inspired by a popular TV show character. The mask is done in the style of a Cheyenne Dog Soldier headdress. The dragonflies represent the children that died at Indian Boarding and Residential schools across Indian Country. The back of the mask is done in ledger format and lists the names of Indian Boarding Schools. This piece is extremely special to us as it is symbolic of the need to protect our children. 

We have continued our orange dragonfly design element seen in other pieces of ours. We have featured this design in handbags, t-shirts, stickers, and more all in an effort to raise awareness of the movement to recognize the thousands of children that have been found in unmarked graves. 

This mask is made from premium vegetable tanned tooling leather. The designs are carved into the leather and tooled to give it a 3-D effect. The pint is specially designed acrylic paint for leather and is UV resistant. The feathers are dyed goose feathers, and the mask is accented in genuine ermine pelts.