Resilience-“Living in a Pandemic since 1492”

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This Plague Doctor mask and headdress was designed to remind Native American people that they are survivors and warriors. Sickness and plagues are nothing new to Native people. Ever since first contact, Natives have faced new illnesses never before seen. Through it all, our people survive and thrive today. This work of art commemorates the fighting spirit of Native Americans.

The mask is made from premium Wicket and Craig tooling leather, and is hand sewn. The mask is done in a ledger art style. Written on the mask are various diseases that Native people have faced such as smallpox, cholera, typhoid, tuberculosis, and COVID-19. The lenses are wrapped in sweet grass and hand sewn as well. The plants and flowers are actually medicinal plants used by Native Americans for centuries. Marsh Marigold (yellow); Pokeweed (cone shape with purple berries); Purple Coneflower (lavender color with orange center); Skunk Cabbage (burgundy with bright green). 

The headdress is made from hand painted imitation eagle feathers, ermine pelts, red wool, red horse hair, and buckskin leather. The band hand tooled, painted and also made from Wicket and Craig tooling leather. The cap is made from a re-purposed Buffalo felt hat, just as many real Plains headdresses are made.