Golden Bison 6-8oz Hides

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We are happy to carry these beautiful golden Bison hides in 6-8oz weight. These are thick, but with a glove soft temper. These are full sides of Bison which means they are half of a full hide split down the center of the back. 

These hides will make the most durable moccasins you can imagine. Looking for that “Mountain Man look? They are also perfect for shirts, pants, pouches etc. These are perfect for a number of projects such as various bags, backpacks, accessory items, shoes, pillows, jackets, and much more! If you have never worked with Bison then you are in for a real treat. It is our absolute favorite bag leather.

Bison live much different than cattle. They grow thick winter coats which they shed by rubbing against fence posts, wire, trees, and whatever else they can find. They are also known to battle it out within the herd. All this living produces range marks that add plenty of character to each hide and project.