White Elk Leather

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These are premium North American Elk hides. We have three sizes available. Each hide is 12-14sqft, and are approximately 3-4oz, please select from the drop down menu. These are select hides from the tannery with NO holes in the middle. This quality is hard to find, and the price is even harder to beat. 

These are perfect for dresses, shirts, bags, and many other crafting needs. Or, these are also perfect for throw blankets, or even pillows. Elk is a premium alternative to deer hides (buckskin). Elk is bigger, stronger, thicker, and heavier making it the perfect choice for your craft needs. Fringe made from Elk move better than deer hands down!

We get these hides in intermittently based on availability of select hides from our supplier. So don’t wait, get yours today!