Bison Leather

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Buffalo/ Bison Leather
- Peanut in Color - Colors Will Vary slightly 
- Naked Top Grain Finish with Suede Backside
- Approximate Weight—4-5 oz. (1 oz = 1/64 of an inch in thickness) 

We have four sizes available: 15 sqft, 16 sqft, 17sqft, and 20sqft please choose from the drop-down options.

Will Have Natural Imperfections, Scarring, Blemishes and Marring, and possibly a small hole. The flesh side is darker than the top grain. 

Each Piece is a Side (Split Down the Center or Backbone). Sides Tend to Run Long and Narrow Compared to Whole Hides. Very soft and perfect for moccasins, leggings, bags, pouches, and other craft items. 

Environmentally Friendly, Ethically & Sustainably Sourced