“The Fighter” Tote Russet Finish

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***If this is showing out of stock, you may still purchase, but please allow 2-4 weeks for production. Everything we make is completely handmade, and made to order.****

"Don't call me a victim. I don't need your pity. I'm a survivor...a fighter. Still want to help me? Come fight with me then. I'll have to warn you though, it ain't gonna be pretty."   ~ Sincerely, a fighter


We call this “The Fighter” in honor of all the women fighting for justice, awareness, children, traditions, and themselves. As parents to four beautiful girls this has great meaning to us. 

Everything you see here is handmade from start to finish. We choose the leather, cut it out, tool and paint the design, then put it all together with bonded nylon thread. The seams and pocket are also reinforced with copper rivets. These bags are built to last generations.

Our tote has been redesigned in a larger size and with stacked leather handles for added durability and beauty. The tote has an internal pocket and a clip for your keys so they are easy to find. This tote measures  16x14x4, with approximately  30 inch straps.