Tatanka (Buffalo) Fighter Tote Bag

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This is our signature tote from our Tatanka series made from a beautiful American Bison hide. The leather is 5/6 oz weight with a medium/soft temper that will only get better with age. Bison is some of the best hide to make leather products from. The leather is super durable, and  smells terrific. This leather takes you back in time to when a large majority of plains tribes made everything from from bison. When you purchase this bag you are truly owning a part of history. 

Bison is considered an exotic leather. Every hide is unique because of the nature of the animal. Each hide will have range marks that result from the natural acts of the animal from fighting, and rubbing themselves on trees and other objects. Remember, bison are not domesticated animals so pet the bag not the animal. 

The panel is hand carved, tooled, and painted with UV resistant paint specially designed for leather. 

The bag measures approximately 14x16x5 with approximately 30 inch straps. It also has a key clasp on the interior for your convenience.