Tooled Ribbon Skirt Rivet Belt

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****Please allow 3-6 weeks for production. These are made to order.****

This belt is completely hand tooled, and painted with special UV resistant leather acrylic paint. The design is hand carved and tooled for an awesome look. Some simply paint directly on the leather, but we actually tool the leather. We then hand cut the scallops in our original style that many have come to love. 

We use rivets for the metal spot accents. Many others use regular leather racks but they can snag material underneath and cause damage. Our rivets are smooth on the top and bottom and will never work themselves loose like tacks will. With the added lining of our belts you can be sure you’ll enjoy many years of your purchase. 

The leather is premium Hermon Oak, and the belt is fully lined and stitched on the edges. The hardware is solid brass and made in the USA. Nothing on this belt had to sit in cargo ships from China or anywhere else.