Blue Skies Alpaca Blanket

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Alpaca wool blanket handmade by artisans in Ecuador - South America.

This item is cruelty free. Soft and unique alpaca wool blanket. Local communities in Otavalo - Ecuador have perfected the art of blanket designing and crafting over generations.

Bright colors make this blanket perfect for decorative use and a must have for camping, family trip or hiking. It is very unique and colorful, . The high quality alpaca wool is ideal for use in all seasons.

 Alpaca Fiber is truly a blessing to wear.  Once considered only worthy of royalty, now it is available to the masses.  We think that alpacas and alpaca fiber are amazing! 

Below are our top 10 reasons why we love this amazing fiber:

  1.  Alpaca Fleece is 30% warmer than the wool from most breeds of sheep.
  2. In general, alpaca fleece is stronger, lighter, and more resilient than wool.
  3. It is hypoallergenic, meaning it does not irritate your skin.  Unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca fleece does not contain lanolin.
  4. It is odor resistant.
  5. There are 22 natural alpaca colors; it can easily be dyed other colors.
  6. It is naturally water resistant.
  7. It is a renewable fiber.
  8. It is flame resistant.
  9. It looks and feels amazing.
  10. It is natural and biodegradable.

Size: 90" x 78" QUEEN US