Tooled Leather Shoulder Bag

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This is a hand made tooled leather hand bag. It is designed to resemble the popular ribbon skirts worn by many Native American women and girls today.  They are worn at powwows, cultural gatherings, or for every day wear.  This particular bag has a geometrical Lakota design   carved and tooled into the leather. Very similar to appliqué work found on many ribbon skirts.  

We can also do an actual ribbon skirt to match! Just ask. 

This bag measures approximately 7 inches wide and approximately 9 inches tall including the top flap. The panels are made from 5/6 oz tooling leather, hand tooled, and painted. The bag is hand sewn and complete with an adjustable strap, designed to sit at your waist. 

The bag has a front snap closure, the inside measures approximately 2 inches deep. Plenty of room for a small wallet, and any essential items you may need.